Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine

CAS in Pharmaceutical Medicine
CAS in Pharmaceutical Medicine

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programme with emphasis on research is focussed on theoretical courses and current projects imparting a profound knowledge in various aspects of pharmaceutical medicine. Students choose 15 or 10 (+ final assignment) out of 19 study units from the Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

By conducting own research projects students are to develop professional skills in the pharmaceutical sciences which are mainly applicable in the pharmaceutical or pharmacy-related industry and pharmaceutical research institutions.



Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine, University Duisburg-Essen


Place of study

University Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen


Start of study

A new study course starts every two years in winter semester (next start: October 2023)


Period of study

The CAS study course covers 1 or 1,5 years and can be conducted while the student is working.



All modules are held in English.

DegreeCertificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicine
UniversityUniversity Duisburg-Essen
LanguageAll modules are held in English
Credits25 - 30 ECTS
FeesVersion 1: 15 study units: € 12.000,-- (€ 4.000,-- per semester)
Version 2: 10 study units + final assignment: € 9.000,-- (€ 4.500,-- per semester)
plus Processing Fee of € 125,-- for applications
plus Enrolment Fees ( € 45,-- per semester)
DurationVersion 1: 3 semesters
Version 2: 2 semesters
Accreditation and ApprovalAQAS, IFAPP, IMI PharmaTrain
RequirementsApplicants should have a degree in one of the following areas:
• Pharmacy
• Life Sciences
• Medicine
or at least one year's professional experience.

Basic Information and Application

How is the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) study course structured/duration?

The study course covers one or one and a half year, depending on the version you choose. 

Version 1: CAS in Pharmaceutical Medicine, consits of 15 study units in 3 semesters.

Version 2: CAS in Pharmaceutical Medicine consits of 10 study units + final assignment

Which entrance requirements exist for the MSc study course?

Applicants should have an academic degree in one of the following areas:

  • Pharmacy
  • Life Sciences
  • Medicine

or one year's professional experience.

Which language is used in the CAS study course?

All modules are held in English.

How much does it cost to participate in the CAS study course?

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (15 study units): € 12.000,-- (€ 4.000,-- per semester)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine (10 study units + final assignment): € 9.000,-- (€ 4.500,-- per semester)-

How to apply for the CAS study course?

Interested persons can apply in writing at the

Examination board “MSc of Pharmaceutical Medicine”
c/o Ruhr Campus Academy (RCA) gGmbH
Frau Vanessa Foschepoth
Edmund-Körner-Platz 2
45127 Essen

or by Email at vanessa.foschepoth[at]rca.uni-due.de 

The application must contain the following documents additionally to the application form:

  1. completed application form with a passport sized photograph
  2. typed curriculum vitae, not exeeding 3 pages and emphasis should be placed on your employment history
  3. degree certificate
  4. proof/certificate of employment

Processing Fee of € 125,-- for applications

Application documents assessed by the Scientific Course Committee (SCC) as promising will lead to an invitation for interviews. The interviewers will be lecturers from the study course. Naturally the interview will be – at least partly – in English.

For the interview we would like you to tell us about your work and study experiences, insights, career objectives and aims. There are no specific requirements for the interview; it is a chance for you to talk about yourself, for you to meet us and also a chance for you to see what the University of Duisburg-Essen offers.

Members of the Scientific Course Committee

Dr. Dr. Holger Adelmann (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Dobromir Dobrev, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Dr. Kristina Lorenz, ISAS e.V.
Prof. Dr. Martin Michel, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Dr. Peter Schüler (vice-Chairman), ICON Clinical Research GmbH

Study Course Pharmaceutical Medicine

Study Course Pharmaceutical Medicine

No.Study UnitModuleDate 
01General Introduction to the Health System
and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Fundamental Principles
and Tools
07th – 09th October 2021Karsten Sternberg
Dr. Peter Schüler
02Working in a Complex OrganizationFundamental Principles
and Tools
04th – 06th November 2021Karsten Sternberg
Dr. Peter Schüler
03Project ManagementFundamental Principles
and Tools
2nd – 04th December 2021 
04Health EconomicsFundamental Principles
and Tools
13th – 15th January 2022Dr. Charalabos-Markos Dintsios
Dr. Jochen Fleischmann
05International Health Systems
and Market Access
Fundamental Principles
and Tools
10th – 12th February 2022Dr. Charalabos-Markos Dintsios
Dirk Kars
06Drug Discovery and DevelopmentPharmaceutical New
Product Development
10th – 12th March 2022Dr. Christian Leuner
Dr. Martin Zoche
07Biopharmaceuticals and -technologyPharmaceutical New
Product Development
07th – 09th April 2022Dr. Berthold Bödeker
08Toxicology (including Safety
Pharmacology and Toxicokinetics)
Pharmaceutical New
Product Development
05th – 07th May 2022Prof. Dr. Gerd Bode
09Clinical Pharmacology
and Pharmacokinetics
Pharmaceutical New
Product Development
09th – 11th June 2022Dr. Dr. med. Holger Adelmann
10Clinical TrialsPharmaceutical New
Product Development
18th – 20th August 2022Dr. Peter Schüler
11Strategies and Managing Clinical TrialsPharmaceutical New
Product Development
22nd – 24th September 2022Dr. Klaus-Gustav Beinhauer
Dr. Birgit Ruhfus
12Ethical and Legal Issues
in Drug Development
Pharmaceutical New
Product Development
20th – 22nd October 2022Dr. Ferdinand Hundt
Dr. Matthias Klüglich
13Clinical Systems and Data ManagementPharmaceutical New
Product Development
17th – 19th November 2022Dr. Johann Pröve
Martin Probach
14BiostatisticsPharmaceutical New
Product Development
15th – 17th December 2022Dr. Stefan Hantel
Martin Roessner
15Drug SafetyPatients and Markets12th – 14th January 2023Dr. Sabine Richter
Yvonne Nanciu MD(RO), MSc
16Post-Marketing SurveillancePatients and Markets09th – 11th February 2023Dr. Mohamed Salem
17Regulatory AffairsPatients and Markets09th – 11th March 2023Mohamed Adib
Dr. Rüdiger Faust
18Marketing and SalesPatients and Markets20th – 22nd April 2023Martin Obladen
Dr. med. Günter Umbach
19Pharmaceutical Related Case StudiesPatients and Markets25th – 27th May 2023Martin Roessner
Dr. Peter Schüler
Vanessa Foschepoth


Vanessa Foschepoth

Tel.: +49 (0) 201 / 183 - 7393

Mail: vanessa.foschepoth@rca.uni-due.de